For any prospective buyer who wants to buy quality used city buses, Wonyl is the perfect destination. At Wonyl, I can find a variety of the buses all of different qualities from different brands and producers. Some of the best to find at good value for their price include;

Scania Omnicity

Just like its name suggests, the bus is from the Scania vehicles brand, its model is Omnicity K23OUB which was produced in the year 2009 hence no need to worry if it is an ancient production. The Scania Omni city K23OUB has a mileage of up to 694000 and is classified under emission class Euro 4. Although constructed like 8years ago, the bus is still optimally performing and can be purchased at Wonyl at a favorable price worth for its value. This production is a perfect choice for a number of travelers who want to use the road for some distance.

Nice buses

Mechanical build up

The Scania Omnicity K23OUB is propelled using diesel engine fuel with automatic transmission emitting very high electric power of up to 169kW. The bus consists of 2 axles that are made of 4*2 axle configuration for both of the axles. The bus consists of 3 doors hence easy entry by passengers and ample spacing in the inside with a total of 78 passenger carrying capacity, this includes 42 who stand on the room left where the seats do not cover and the 36 seated passengers. Besides the buildup equipments and materials the bus consists of other safety equipments and gadgets to make the ride interesting such as the board computer. Others include the fire extinguisher and height regulation so as to accommodate different heights. It also consists of improvising such as wheelchair ramp that is helpful to the disabled.

Volvo 7709L 2010

This one of the outstanding used buses for any prospective second hand buyers. The bus still performs optimally although already used. Just like its name suggests, it was built in the year 2010 with a mileage ability of up to 560,000 and also classified under emission class referred to as Euro 5. The bus consists of an inbuilt automatic transmission hence not limited to experienced drivers only as it is easier to learn and drive.


Mechanical build up

The bus consists of two doors, one built to the front and another one to the rare side of the bus. The bus consists of ample space in the inside able to accommodate up to 35 seats including the driver seat. It has a standing room of 43 people thus it has a capacity of 78 passengers.

Man lion’s city T A78 2009

This is a production of the year 2009 that can be purchased at Wonyl used city buses; it comes optimal performance although already been in use. The Mn lion`s City T A78 2009 bus is classified under emission class EEV and is built with automated transmission. This makes it easier to operate and its totatl mileage is measured to be up to 900000. The bus can be a great choice especially for lovers of this brand.

Mechanical build up

This type of bus is environmental friendly as it uses diesel fuel which is categorized as one of the renewable sources of energy. When measured from the outside, the dimensions in cm are 1186 by 255 by 310 hence of a good size in appearance. The wheels are changeable of best quality and the entire wheelbase measures up to 573cm. The gearbox is well fixed and consists of two axles.

Volvo 7700 hybrid

The Volvo 7700 hybrid model is a production of the year 2011 hence has a number of modern developments and more recent improvising with a mileage measured up to 350000. The Volvo 7700 hybrid inbuilt transmission is inbuilt and is classified under emission class Euro 5


Mechanical build up

Just like other high performing productions, the Volvo 7700 hybrid is diesel fueled with a engine displacement ability of up to 5.00cc. The gearbox model is D5F215 and is made up of two axles which have a configuration of 4*2

Mercedes-Benz Citaro 0530

This brand of the Mercedes-Benz is a production of the year 2008 and has a mileage of up to mileage of up to 855263. You can trust the used bus from Wonyl that is described under emission class EEV. Just like most optimally performing and driving vehicles the bus is automated. This is a major development on all recently produced vehicles. The vehicle is still very tough and hard cruising on the road a characteristic observed in all productions of the Mercedes-Benz especially the Citaro 0530 of 2008.

Mechanical build up

The automated Mercedes production is made up a powerful 6.374cc engine displacement that is propelled using diesel fuel. This emits can very powerful electric power of even up to 210kW and also consists of Air suspension. The ZF gearbox is well functioning and properly in place, with two axles both with a 4*2 axle configuration. The vehicle consists of two doors at both ends all opening into the 36 seater Mercedes engine bus. It has a total carrying capacity of 95 passengers when full and others standing to fill the spaces. All the wheels are intact all in best conditions; the full dimension of the wheelbase is 585cm. The bus measures 1195 by 225by 307 cm in full length of dimensions when taken from the outside.