Equipment You Need to Begin Playing Darts

The first encounter with darts for most people is playing the game in a pub or at a local bowling club. Many people get used to the idea of darts by watching tournaments on the television. If this has been the case for you too, you might wish to practice the sport at home to hone your skills and improve your game. This will require you to have a proper dart setup.

You can easily get all the desired equipment at a single dartshop. While you can visit a sports shop near your home, there are several dedicated online darts stores too, allowing you to shop conveniently from your home itself. Here is the basic equipment that you need for a dart setup.

The location

To begin, you will have to select the area of your home in which you want to play. This should be a nicely illuminated place with no obstructions near the throwing area. You should also have some comfortable seats around since you are going to be in the place for some time.

A decent dart board

A standard dartboard, also known as a clock board, is available in the dimensions 45.72cm or 18 inches across. The board is divided into 20 equal segments, numbered chronologically, with a bullseye in the centre of the board. Each pie-shaped segment is surrounded with two or and three score rings. The bullseye, on the other hand, has an outer bull with a score of 25 and an inner bull with a score of 50.

Set of darts

When hosting a competition, you need at least three sets of darts for every single player. For a professional game, soft-tipped darts or steel-tipped darts will be preferable. You can get darts of different colours for each player for easy identification.

A scoring board

You will also need a scoreboard to keep a track record of your score. You can use a board for a professional feel or simply use a note pad if you don’t wish to invest in a board.

A dartshop even stocks throwlines, mats and wall surroundings to protect the wall from dart marks.