Take a closer look at hardness testers

hardness tester

This article will shed light on the meaning of a hardness tester and not only talk about what it is, but also what it does and how to go about choosing one that suits you in regards to what you should consider in case you are interested in buying one.

What is it?

A hardness tester is a measuring device that is used to test the strength or hardness of a material, by measuring its effect on the surface of the material. It has a standardized indenter at the tip which is made of either diamond, carbide, or steel.

They are often used to determine the resistance to deformation of a particular material. Now let us look at the various things to consider when choosing hardness testers and their benefits.

hardness tester

Things to consider

Below are the main factors to consider before choosing the tester that works best for you.

Hardness level

For materials that are extremely hard, you will require a diamond indenter. But if the hardness of the material you are testing is below 650 HB/30, then steel indenters are fine.

Test load

This depends on the hardness of the material. Harder metals might require test loads of up to 3,000 kgf, while softer metals require about 500 kgf.


This highly depends on the condition of the surface that is to be measured.

Hopefully this article has been useful in explaining a little bit about hardness testers.