The best marketing solutions are provided by

Originally born into the retail industry as the brainchild of three market leading retailers, provided basic software tools for different companies at different sizes. Since then the company has grown to provide all forms of business software catering to the needs of each individual company. Laying the focus on innovative software development has allowed to grow into a consultancy company as well as a software platform.

Providing mission critical business automation

Encode doesn’t just provide software solutions, but a truly scalable and flexible marketing productivity platform. The company specializes in automating critical processes inside any type of company like

  • Automating manual work processes;
  • Scaling the delivered software according to the growth of client companies;
  • Providing clear lines between IT and general business;
  • Controlled onboarding of all relevant stakeholders in core workflows;
  • and more!

Modern marketing, based on process and data

As was founded in 2001, the company’s creed was based on the fact that in the modern world it is uncommon practice to solely base marketing activities on aesthetically pleasing marketing content. Marketing in today’s world is actually heavily focussed on efficient workflows, automated production and the ability to analyze datastreams and adjust strategies accordingly. That’s how Encode had been able to provide capable software solutions for 19 years and counting.