The different Honda Goldwing models

The Honda Goldwing series is a very popular touring bike almost all over the world. From North America to Western Europe they know this great series of motorcycles. The production of the first Goldwing dates back to 1975 when it was introduced worldwide. They are still being made, but they are also called Valkyrie. We are happy to tell you more about all the Honda Goldwing models that have been released and will hopefully be around for a long time to come.



The first production model was the GL1000, also known as a naked bike. The GL1000 became popular as a touring bike, but then you need suitcases. Honda could not supply this right from the start, so other suppliers could step in here. Then a new model was introduced there in 1980.



The Honda Goldwing GL1100 was the second model in this series and was delivered from 1980. Because Honda had learned from their mistake, this series was delivered with matching cases. This allowed even more people to enjoy this great touring bike. Greater bike with better Goldwing parts.



The GL1200, the successor to the GL1100, was delivered from 1894 to 1987. This model had a completely renewed engine block, but still with a 4-cylinder water-cooled boxer. Road holding was significantly improved by the longer and stiffer frame. The standard model was discontinued from production at one point because the demand had decreased enormously. The more luxurious variants, with cases, were seen as standard, so that it took over completely.



With the GL1500, Honda actually brought a completely new motorcycle on the market from 1988 to 2000. Instead of a 4-cylinder block, a 6-cylinder block was introduced. Furthermore, this engine got a first with a reverse gear and the engine was much more powerful and quieter.



The successor to the GL1500 was presented in 2001. An 1832 cc engine block was the first striking, but the GL1800 also turned out to be lighter in weight than its predecessor, due to the use of reinforced aluminum. Furthermore, ABS was fitted, given the power of the motorcycle a necessary accessory. The plans for model year 2007 include the application of a special airbag developed by Honda.