Efficient Waste Collection With Smart Waste Management

The waste collection process in cities is not only complex but it also requires a large amount of money. This expense is covered by charging fees from the citizens and the rest comes from the tax revenue which is a financial burden on the local governments. However, the problem can be solved with smart waste management. Now you may ask, what is smart waste management? Well, to put it simply, with the growing use of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity and smart sensors and devices, the operational efficiency of waste management can be increased with reduced costs and more customer satisfaction. 

The benefits of smart waste management include: 

  1. Reduced costs: The real-time fill level information of smart dumpsters is transmitted to waste collectors. This data is used by the IoT solution and optimum routes are selected for waste collection trucks. It results in a pickup process that saves manpower, as well as fuel.
  2. Analysis of waste generation: Smart waste management is more than route optimisation. As you must know, it is data analysis that possesses the real value of IoT. Most IoT solutions available in the market come with the data analysis feature. With this feature, waste management companies are able to predict future waste generation.
  3. No missed pickup: Smart waste management process is nothing like traditional collection methods. The smart process eliminates the trash bin overflow. Whenever a trash bin is going to be full, the smart management system sends a notification to the authorities immediately. Moreover, the companies can schedule the collection trucks for a pickup before the pre-scheduled time. 
  4. Reduction of the emission of CO2: When it comes to waste management and recycling, the carbon footprint is always a topic of discussion and debate. With smart waste management solutions, routes can be optimised which leads to lesser consumption of fuel. It reduces the carbon footprint ultimately and makes the waste management process environmentally friendly.

So, you should consider about smart waste management more seriously which can save both your time and money.