Quality Ergonomic Keyboards

ergonomic keyboard

People who spend hours typing on the keyboard develop fatigue at the wrist joint due to bending as they raise their hands. The best typing position is when you are able to type with straight wrists. To make this possible, R-go tools ergonomic keyboard comesin several designs that able you to type with each arm in a straightened position. The keyboard is flat for added comfort to the tendons of the wrists and improved blood circulation. Besides, each key comes with a unique scissor mechanism that provides a light keystroke, thereby requiring less power to type.

A Keyboard for Any Activity

There are three types of keyboards, each suited for different applications. You can go for the R-Go Split ergonomic keyboard, which is both lightweight and can be split into two parts for the ease of typing. It also has a pause indicator to alert you when you need a break. There is also the R-Go Compact keyboard, which is ultra-thin and lightweight. It comes in black and white colour choices. Finally, you can go for the R-Go Compact Break, which is also compact, flat and comfortable to use. Each of the models comes with various versions to enable you to choose the best for your typing needs.