Software system BlueDolphin maps the ICT landscape

Want to know what is the perfect BPM software? ValueBlue’s innovative BPM software system for enterprise business architecture automatically maps the construction and efficiency of complex ICT landscapes in companies and departments. For many organizations, the ICT landscape is a ‘black box’, it is not clear which applications there are, what the costs are and how the information flows. The importance of a transparent ICT landscape increases as ICT systems, within and outside organizations, communicate more with each other and the organization becomes more dependent on this.

ValueBlue has invested heavily in the BlueDolphin software system over the three years. Financing is required to accelerate growth. ValueBlue has obtained the financing partly through a successful crowdfund campaign through Collin Crowdfund.


ValueBlue wants to make ICT transparent and controllable for its customers so that business operations are optimally supported. Thanks to smart technology, different organizations learn from each other automatically. BlueDolphin is not a tool for a few specialists, but a collaboration platform that is widely used in the organization. It is simple and easy to use. As a result, BlueDolphin is more effective in achieving the benefits for the customer and is also better secured within the organization, so that it can be used for a long time. ”


BlueDolphin has an innovative self-learning knowledge system that almost every customer uses. The system uses this to build up industry knowledge, which further increases the added value. BlueDolphin is structurally linked to all kinds of sources and the customer, so that all data about the IT landscape that the customer already has, is brought together and provides useful information. This gives a very good picture of the structure of the IT landscape in a very short time.