Set up a company in the Netherlands

If you like to set up a company in the Netherlands, you can take advantage of the services from the Dike international company. They have a lot of experience in guiding new business owners starting their Dutch business on distance. They are able to help you starting your company in only 5 working days!


Setting up a company in the Netherlands

You need to start by;

– choosing the right legal entity. The Dike international company would recommend a BV structure because of all the advantages of foreign company owners

– you choose an available company

– deliver all the necessary documents. For more information you can read the article ‘how to register a company in the Netherlands’

– you need to sign the power of attorney and your data card which are created by the notary office.

When you’ve signed the documents, your company is successfully founded in the Netherlands. The only required steps you need to take now in your company formation process are obtaining your social security number, opening your Dutch company bank account and a VAT number. The Dike international company can easily arrange this requirements for you. In only 5 working days you are ready to start your company in the Netherlands.