Tube fittings and valves from Swagelok for chemical and petrochemical industry

Instrumentation valves and fittingsSwagelok’s tube fittings and valves for petrochemical and chemical industry guarantees high quality products and assures optimal uptime. Want to get trained how to install, maintain and use our valves and tube fittings? Contact Swagelok Nederland to hear all about the possibilities we have to offer.

instrumentation valves and fittings

How do our tube fittings and valves reduce downtime?
Product losses and efficiency reduction are becoming more and more common in chemical plants, study tells us. The most frequent causes are freezing, corrosion, cracks and leaks, fluid system fouling and plugging. Therefore systems are seriously slowed down or have to deal with a (partly) shutdown. By analyzing these causes, we developed our products to high standards. Our tubes fittings and valves are guaranteed:

-Chemical and corrosion resistant
Highly durable, Even in extremely high or low temperatures and in harsh and nuclear environments

Our tube fittings are equipped with two instead of one ferrules. The first seals the fitting body and outside tube, the second advances the first one axially when the nut is turned and creates an effective grip. We have patented this system because of its innovative success.

When you want to learn more about our tube fittings and valves? Then you can request our valves and fittings catalog for more detailed information.